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Sustainable products with bio-stimulants from Xentel Aqua

Innovative and sustainable products with bio-stimulants for plants

Xentel Aqua also developed new and innovative technologies for the production of bio stimulants creating higher resistance to fungal attacks like mildew and resistance to salinization of groundwater used in agriculture and sports fields; climate change mitigation. 

Xentel Aqua also developed new and innovative technologies for the production of herbal medicines. These technologies in the products optimize the genetic potential, the epigenetics, of plants, resulting in significant more yield.  This resulted in the product Xentel Aqua Arvense, XA-a. 

XA-a combines the use of (non-hormonal) bio-stimulants with bioactive and organic fertilizers. [According to Regulation (European Commission, EC) 2003/2003 Annex 1, point E.2.3]

Xentel Aqua Arvense 

This Xentel Aqua Arvense Biostimulant for monocots and dicots is based on stabilised silicic acid and synergistic minerals including boron, zinc and others. Silicic acid is the only Silicon based compound being plant-available and (very) bioactive: after uptake through the leaves (spray) or roots (hydroponically or drip-irrigation) this Silicic acid is distributed in the plant where it promotes gene expression and is incorporated to plant tissues making the plant stronger and more resilient. Silicic acid increases stem/tiller strength, preventing lodging. Next, it is deposited in leaf epidermal cells, strengthening the surface of the leaves resulting in higher resistance to fungal attacks like mildew and higher resistance to evaporation. 

Xentel Aqua Arvense bio-stimulant is enhancing the growth of the roots resulting in a higher uptake of all kinds of nutrients and consequently in a higher growth rate and higher levels of valuable compounds. It also decreases abiotic stresses like drought or saline soil or saline water. This product can be used for as well root-application (drip-irrigation/hydroponically) as foliar application, spraying on leaves. For plant stimulation this biostimulant should be used from the early growth stage. 

When used on agriculture land the value of the land could rise because of high efficiency of a higher uptake of nutrients and consequently in a higher growth rate of plants. The bioactive – organic fertiliser provides the necessary nutrients for optimal growth. 

Finally, our products are safe for plants, the soil, the farmer, the consumer, and ecologically friendly.

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Jack Tan