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Interior design with a twist – Multidecortations

Rein Dunselman’s company Multi Decorations specializes in interior design. The shop on Hoytemaplein in The Hague is the basis from which the many projects are conceived and executed. The company has a clear approach: helping customers to realize a balanced and beautiful home.

Close cooperation 

Naturally, the designs follow the spaces and environment for which the design is made. It is important that Rein designs the projects together with his clients. Rein emphatically does not deliver “turn-key projects”. 

An interior only becomes personal and pleasant for the residents if it is designed around their taste and needs. This is only possible if the client and the designer work closely together. It is very important that there is a “click” between the client and the designer, precisely because the result must be personal.

A joint process 

Where possible, the targeted search for the right materials, furniture, antiques and art, together with the client, becomes a fascinating quest. The starting point is that devising and executing the project becomes an adventure for the customer. Thanks to his many years of experience, Rein Dunselman knows where he can get the right materials from, can solve technical challenges and gives clear direction to the search process.

Open Setting 

By collaborating with a small group of (inter)national fellow interior designers, Rein Dunselman keeps abreast of international developments. Often these colleagues – who all have very different backgrounds, ages – and thus style – provide feedback and advice to each other.

Familiar Style 

Where the designed and realized interiors are very different, there is a clear common thread. The style can be described as classic/modern. By using select materials, fabrics and furniture, the interiors are warm, private and balanced. By inserting special and often valuable furniture that is (family) owned by the clients, each interior becomes unique and individual. It goes without saying that Rein follows the development of fashion, but is wary of superficial fads.

Their Work 

The projects that Multi Decorations carries out are very varied: furnishing large houses, apartments, small pieds-a-terre as well as monumental holiday homes in very different environments. Rein Dunselman has realized projects in the Netherlands, the US, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and Germany. 

Many customers have been working with the company for years and this allows Rein to grow with the customers.

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Jack Tan